Aussie Bird Count

What is the Aussie Bird Count?

The Aussie Bird Count encourages people of all ages to observe and count local birds in their surroundings, whether it be in gardens, parks or beaches. This activity helps BirdLife Australia understand local birds and allows people to learn more about the wildlife in their area.

When is the Aussie Bird Count?

The 2023 Aussie Bird Count will be held from 16-22 October.

Why should we get involved?

Engage with the Natural World through the Aussie Bird Count

The Aussie Bird Count offers a simple, enjoyable, and all-inclusive activity that allows everyone to become citizen scientists, interact with local birds, and connect with the environment. This is a great opportunity for children to develop scientific skills and learn about fascinating topics like habitats, life cycles, and interrelationships. The initiative also fosters a valuable partnership between professionals and the public, as these efforts help scientists answer questions they couldn’t tackle alone.